As a manufacturer of a broad range of chemicals and industry auxiliaries, whose applications span from Textiles, Paper, Detergents and Plastics through to Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals, the 3V Group is strongly committed to Quality.
Many products are now manufactured under the GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE (GPM) standard assuring:
· Raw materials quality assurance
· Record-keeping of substances throughout the manufacturing process
· Standards for cleanliness and safety
· Qualifications of the manufacturing personnel
· In-house testing
· Production, process, warehousing and distribution controls

A comprehensive QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM is in place, based on ISO requirements, with improvements according to internal standards. This guarantees that any problem in the organization, from Manufacturing to Logistics, is very quickly located, dealt with and solved.
Precise procedures rule all company activities, while several well-equipped QUALITY CONTROL Labs, under precise calibration programs, perform regular analyses of raw materials, intermediates and finished goods in the various company sites. Information is gathered by a dedicated IT system and distributed throughout the organization. Furthermore, the R&D Analytical Lab has additional capabilities (NMR, GPC, etc.) for specific product testing when required.

3V APPLICATION LABORATORIES benefit from the experience of a large group of highly qualified professionals, in the fields where 3V products are used: PLASTICS, COATINGS, PAPER, TEXTILES, PHARMACEUTICALS, COSMETICS, DETERGENTS, BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION AND WATER TREATMENT.
3V Application Labs help customers worldwide with flexible, cost-efficient and eco-friendly solutions, providing a wide range of services. Examples include measuring the viscosity of a cosmetic cream, spinning plastic fibbers with various additives, testing the light resistance of a paint formulation or evaluating the brightness of paper.
Even more importantly, customers can always find knowledgeable advice related to their application issues: 3V technicians do not consider their job to be done when they get the test results. The goal is to work with customers to find better solutions that meet their needs.
For this reason, solid and long lasting collaborations with 3V commercial partners have been fostered over the years, resulting in shared values.
Furthermore, thanks to continuous interaction with the R&D Department, the activities of the Application Labs are a major factor in the development of successful new products, designed from the very inception with customer requirements in mind.